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Alexander Golding is an impact investing evangelist, public speaker, and advisor. His mission is to show the world how to generate a positive financial and social or environmental return.

Target audiences for him are:

  • Asset managers and owners looking to learn about impact, develop an impact investing department, or make/grow a current impact investment.

  • Companies in a highly specialized industry (such as manufacturing, tech, healthcare, music, the arts) looking to galvanize its workforce and improve employee satisfaction, employee retention, sales, thought leadership, and its public image.

  • City, state, or county government employees looking to take their region into the 21st century. Through talks on innovative public private partnerships, Alexander will inspire your government to greatness.

He is currently working on several family-sponsored deals. In-between deals, he flies around the country giving speeches on his experiences and helping the audience make their next impact investment.

He can be reached via Twitter at @HelpedHope.

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