Investor Community Building

Alexander builds communities around impact. At his "Transformation2030" frontier technology events, he has hosted investors looking to deploy over $38bn into the space. He produced or co-produced six events in 2018 focused on educating investors on the factors material to their success.

Business Acceleration and Strategic Advisement

As a serial entrepreneur, Alexander knows what it takes to scale a business to the next level. Combine that first-hand knowledge with his community of high-level visionaries, and you have a recipe for success. Alexander has sourced the best, tested service providers and vendors in the industry and he is ready to take your business to the next level. 

Particular areas of expertise he or his network have:

  • Legal

  • Investor relations

  • Growth hacking

  • Marketing and storytelling

  • International expansion (from the US to rest of world, or from the rest of the world to the US)

Mining/Validation Using Clean
Energy Sources

Alexander and his partners will build out a turn-key customized blockchain mining/validation operation for you using cutting-edge proprietary hardware built by the best scientists in the industry. Through years of due diligence, they have been able to source locations that have abundant cheap power from clean energy sources.