Alexander Golding

Alexander Golding has a track record of properly executing social impact projects starting from when he was still in high school. At the age of 17, he organized a summer program that taught elderly stroke victims how to use the computer, Internet, and email. The focus was on facilitating communication with their loved ones and society thereby reducing loneliness and depression. 

Then, at New York University’s Stern School of Business, Alexander took several corporate social responsibility courses. While there, he got involved with local charities and set a fundraising record for the Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity Relay For Life Fundraising Drive.

After losing his mother to leukemia but before becoming his father’s caretaker, he went through his own personal battles. While still in college, Alexander fell deep into the nightlife scene in New York City. To support this lifestyle, he unofficially promoted nightclubs and then started selling marijuana. He was involved in the medical marijuana industry in California but couldn't resist the easy money of the East Coast. As can be expected, he got into trouble and was arrested. Fortunately, his judge and supervising officer allowed him to go to rehab, a mercy Alexander is eternally grateful for. 

Removed from the underground scene, he began the spiritual journey back to God consciousness. He spent six and a half months in rehab, and then a year in a federal recovery program. When he came out on the other side, he realized that he did not have to "step on peoples' necks" in order to get ahead. He had his "a-ha" moment and started his passion project: HelpedHope. He worked on HelpedHope tirelessly while simultaneously taking care of his father, who was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer in September of 2015 and who died on February 26, 2017, shortly after midnight. His father died knowing that Alexander was sober and changing the world for the better.

Alexander draws on his personal experiences and practical insight to drive effective change in society. He has first-hand experience with many of the issues facing our country and is equally comfortable in a boardroom going over business and financial strategies as he is doing outreach in the streets. His guiding principles are love and compassion, and he volunteers a lot of his time to the arts and helping people get sober.

Alexander learned the hard way that a person only gets a few chances to pursue his or her dreams, so he took this opportunity to get involved in fields he really believes in: corporate social responsibility, social enterprise, and impact investing. Now, he is quickly becoming a globally recognized leader in the social impact space working to end cycles of poverty, illiteracy, incarceration, drug addiction, and unreasonable selfishness. He works with investors advising them on impact investing. He educated over $38 billion worth of assets under advisement in 2018, teaching them how frontier tech can make them a good return while making the world a better place.